Mission: To help people realize there is a Rum out there for everyone!

Purpose: To help bring quality products, options, and information to the Rum Lovers of Florida and beyond.

Upcoming Events:

Meet the Founders:

“Trader Jay” Cocorullo
  • Some Favorite Rums: Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve, Appleton Estate Joy, 21 & 12, Hampden, Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black, Foursquare 2007, Abuelo Twany Port and Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros
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“The Rum Doctor” Eric Carter
  • Some Favorite Rums: “All the rums” including Appleton Estate 30, Joy, 21 & 12, Mount Gay 1703, Abuelo Tawny Port, Plantation Cuba Private Cask
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“Salty Joel” Griswold (Intern)
  • Some Favorite Rums: Zacapa 23, anything you can mix with Sprite, does Bourbon count?
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Society Approved Locations:
  • Liquor Locker – Sarasota
    • First in Florida with Privateer rum
    • Will ship anywhere in Florida