Mission: To help Floridians realize there is a Rum out there for everyone!

Purpose: To make Florida the “GO TO” place for rum by working to bring quality products, options, and information to the Rum Lovers of Florida and beyond.

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

Virtual Happy Hours

  • August 27: Nicolas Palazzi – PM Spirits – SOLD OUT
  • June 25th: Kate Perry – La Maison & Velier – Recorded
  • July 2nd: Maggie Campbell – Privateer – Recorded
  • July 16th: Richard & Gayle Seale – Foursquare – Recorded

Past guests: Ben Jones, Zan Kong, Christelle Harris, Ed Hamilton, Guillaume Lamy, Kate Perry

Check out the OFFICIAL Podcast of the Florida Rum Society:

  • Five Star Liquor & Wine – Longwood
    • Hard to find rums including complete line of Hamilton products, Hampden, Worthy Park Rum-Bar Overproof & Single Estate Reserve, Privateer & MORE
    • Follow them on Facebook for announcements
    • Location (Shoppes of Sweetwater Publix shopping center)
  • Liquor Locker – Sarasota
    • First in Florida with Privateer rum
    • Hard to find rums including Rum Bar Products, Foursquare Exceptional Cask, multiple Privateer offerings and MUCH MORE
    • Will ship anywhere in Florida
    • Location (Sarasota Crossing Publix shopping center)

  • Big Game Liquors – Miami
    • Large selection of La Maison & Velier products including Hampden, Clairin and multiple Habitation Velier offerings
    • Will ship anywhere in Florida
    • App available (iPhone Android)
    • Location (Stand alone; across street from McDonald’s)

  • Catch 27 – St. Augustine
    • Both a restaurant/bar and bottle shop
    • Extremely large selection including Appleton Joy, Caroni, Foursquare ECS, LM&V offerings and much, much more
    • As a bar location, opportunities to purchase samples before entire bottles
    • Special ordering available
    • Location (Historic St. Augustine; 1 block from water)

  • Boat Drinks – St. Augustine
    • Restaurant, Rum Bar and Bottle Shop
    • “A rum selection that would sink most ships” including Privateer Distiller’s Drawer barrel pick (available only at Boat Drinks and Jaguar Sun)
    • Also plenty of Velier, Foursquare and many more offerings
    • As a bar location, opportunities to purchase samples before entire bottles
    • Location (Historic St. Augustine; Close to Fort and Water)

Fourth Barrel Membership Information & Application

Watering Holes:

  • Esotico – Miami
    • Tropical Themed Bar with Craft Cocktails and EXTENSIVE Rum collection
    • Frequent Rum Dinners

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Rum Brands: Have an idea for an event in Florida or interested in telling us more about your rum? E-mail us at floridarumsociety@gmail.com