Fourth Barrel Information


The Florida Rum Society consists of hundreds of rum enthusiasts and industry professionals who either reside within the State of Florida or spend much of their time therein.  Collectively, the society seeks to uphold a high standard for recognizing the most trusted resources for general information on rum, identifying well-regarded locations for rum lovers to procure or enjoy various high-end rum offerings, and sponsoring events to assist our members and other rum connoisseurs in sharing and promoting the spirit they love.    

With this in mind, the FRS created the Fourth Barrel Merchant Program, which seeks to officially recognize those Florida-based liquor merchant establishments that the society has deemed:

  • Trustworthy allies to consumers who are able to appropriately guide those interested in rum
  • Willing to stock and sell high-end or rare rums that would not otherwise be available in the area
  • Specialize in furthering rum as a spirit category through hosting or participating in programs, festivals, and/or events that bring rum enthusiasts and FRS members together

Merchant Members Candidates and the Nominating FRS Member should work together to ensure that the location meets the Qualifications and is open to the full partnership outlined.
If a Merchant is interested in applying to the Fourth Barrel program without a nominating member please reach out to “Trader” Jay at

Please download and review the Terms and Qualifications prior to completing the application