Hamilton Florida Rum Society Blend


This contest will feature the brand new Hamilton Florida Rum Society (FRS) blend, brought to you by Ed Hamilton, Broc Smith (purveyor of Sarasota Liquor Locker), and Jay Cocorullo (Founder of the FRS). The contest is open to current and prospective FRS Members (info here).

THE RULES: FRS members: Your mission is to create a fantastic, elegant, and memorable cocktail or mixed drink with Hamilton Florida Rum Society’s brand new rum blend as the base spirit. You may add up to 7 more ingredients, for a total of no more than 8 in the recipe. (Ice does not count as an ingredient).While you should feel free to go any creative direction you’d like using the above information, the judges are looking specifically for a winning drink that: “doesn’t include an obscure ingredient or something too difficult for non-experts to recreate.” In short, elegance will win the day –and this contest!

THE WINNER: A total of three submissions will be selected from all the initial entries by a small panel of judges, based on the recipe and photo submitted. These three semi-finalists will then be asked to create their entry drink live for an upcoming FRS Virtual Happy Hour (VHH) on Zoom, in succession with some of the most talented professional mixologists in FL, who will be our resident “FRS IRON Mixologists!” You will be asked to showcase your recipe and instruct others how to make your drink live for the FRS group alongside some of the best that FL has to offer –you’ll need to bring your “A” game to beat the pro’s. The final winner will be the person who the judges feel did the best job in the following categories:· Overall Flavor· Presentation (aesthetic of the drink itself)· Elegance (who did the most with the least overall complexity)· Mixology presentation (how well you presented the making of the drink on the VHH)

THE PRIZE: This overall winner will receive:· One 750ml Bottle of Hamilton Florida Rum Society Rum· A hoard of other Hamilton rums (which may also include Neisson/La Favorite brands)· A cache of various cane syrups· Your recipe featured on the Florida Rum Society Website and in the FRS Fb Group· Free Shipping on all the above to anywhere in FL· Bragging rights as the first ever winner of the Florida IRON Mixologist Challenge

HOW TO ENTER: To enter, simply send your detailed recipe, ingredient list, and a picture of the drink to both: Brocjsmith@gmail.com and Floridarumsociety@gmail.com by midnight on January 24th, 2020.The three semi-finalists will then be selected and announced on the FB group site, and the Virtual Happy Hour session will be scheduled for February (Date TBD).The sole winner will be announced at the end of that VHH session live, and later posted on the Fb group the following day.

WHERE TO FIND Hamilton Florida Rum Society Blend: You can purchase the Hamilton FRS Blend from the Florida Rum Society store here: https://floridarumsociety.com/…/Hamilton-Florida-Rum…or at the Sarasota Liquor Locker, if you are nearby the Sarasota area.

Additionally, these FRS Fourth Barrel stores also currently have (or will soon have) stock available in FL (ordered north to south):

· Beach Liquors in the Florida Panhandle (multiple locations)
· 5 Star Liquors near Orlando
· Primo Liquors in Fort Lauderdale (multiple locations)
· Big Game Liquors in Miami

If you have a good relationship with your local liquor establishment (and especially if they already carry Hamilton rum products) make sure you ask the store to get the Hamilton FRS Blend through the Progress Wine Group Distributor. Even better, if they are a really great place for rum in your area, tell them all about the FRS Fourth Barrel program! If you plan to have it shipped, please keep shipping time in mind – in other words, don’t delay!

Good luck to all –and may the best IRON Mixologist win!