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Clairin Sajous 750ml

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To get to the distillery Chelo it is necessary to take a long dirt road from the town of Saint-Marc, 100 kilometres north of Port-au-Prince, to Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye in a magnificent natural enclave surrounded by mountains. Michel Sajous distillery is in the middle of a 30 hectare plantation, growing different varieties of cane among which we rediscovered the Cristalline. The distillation is made from a small traditional pot still composed of a 1000 litre boiler in direct contact with a fire of bagasse, the hot wine is heated in a small column still with six copper plates. The distillate is between 50° and 52° when it leaves the column still and it is directly sent to Port-au-Prince to be bottled without any reduction to its alcohol content.

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