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Equiano (Discovery) 750ml

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Equiano is the world's first African and Caribbean rum.

The multi-award winning liquid is one of the most highly acclaimed rums in the world for the 8 – 10 years aged category. The liquid starts its journey at emerging new world producers, Gray’s distillery, in Mauritius, where 100% pure and natural rum matures in ex-Cognac casks for 10 years. It is then blended by ISC and IWCS 'rum producer of the year', Richard Seale, with his award-winning rum from Foursquare in Barbados which is matured in ex-Bourbon casks. This carefully crafted liquid creates a rum that is like no other.

Equiano has no colorants, no spice, no additives and no added sugar, it’s just rich and deep in flavors that come from the barrels it tropically matures in.

Equiano is named of Olaudah Equiano who was born in Africa, brought to the Caribbean and settled back in the UK as a free man. He paved his way to liberation by selling rum and became a prominent freedom fighter and leader in the slave trade abolition movement between the UK and the US.

Equiano was a brave visionary. Between his values, journey and impact, we feel great pride and honor in his name adorning our bottle.

Equiano’s values distill our belief in freedom of spirit and that is why we are donating $2 of every purchased bottle here to ground-level freedom and equality projects, and celebrating a man who we all aspire to be more like.
$2 of every purchased bottle goes directly to the Equiano Foundation supporting freedom and equality projects.
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