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Hampden Estate Overproof 750ml

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Hampden Estate 60°

When Trader Jay is looking for a Funky, Premium, one rum Mai Tai, he turns to this fantastic Jamaican rum!

Silky, smooth and tropical, from mixing to sipping, an extrimely versatile rum

A definitely unique and exceptional rum, the result of an assemblage of different marks, all with a minimum barrel ageing of 7 tropical years equivalent to 8 years ageing in Europe.

The nose is impetuous and very intense, every scent is amplified by the higher abv. A delighful scent of cherry is sorrounded by delicate touches of woods & spices.

Definitely dry, with a very enjoyable bitter taste, this 60% overproof version is very armonious. Lightly oaky and spicy, the finish is gentle, fullfilled by varnish and incense frangrances.

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