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Privateer New England Lot 1 750ml

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Details: A blend 8 casks, 4 pot stilled, 4 column stilled

Distilled on: 2 casks March 2016, 1 cask November 2016, 3 casks February 2017, 1 cask June 2017, 1 cask October 2017

Bottles Produced: 1,675

Proof: 107.8

Details: Lot 1 is our ode to the micro blend. The art of the blend is one of our greatest passions at Privateer. It allows us to celebrate the unique aspects of our casks and requires the selection of some of our finest barrels. In this blend, we aim to highlight the individual expressions and character of each rum while building a balance and complexity in order to create a spirit beyond the sum of its parts.

Tasting notes: Include honeycomb, apricots, dried pineapple, hazelnuts, pecans, black cherry, and lime leaf.

When our founder, Andrew Cabot, traveled through the Caribbean to ponder rum’s future, he met a distiller that had a secret bottle tucked away in their desk drawer. It was the distiller's proudest achievement, a special treasure pulled straight from the cask that was unsweetened, unfiltered, and unadulterated. Andrew tasted this exquisite rum and asked himself: Why would someone blend, filter, and sweeten away this unique treasure? Why can't anyone outside a distillery taste rum like this?

Our Distiller’s Drawer is the answer to these questions.

These are our distiller’s favorite barrels - so good that Maggie would keep a bottle hidden in her desk drawer too, but thought it better to share with you.

We gently care for the rum with respect and allow it to speak for itself.

Many of these bottlings come from our experimental distillations, incorporating new techniques or ingredients.

Single Barrel Selection: Each bottling is an intimate expression of one single cask with purity of character.

Unsweetened: No post-distillation sweeteners are added, creating a dry rum.

No Additives: Our rum is a product of spirit, water, oak, & time. No artificial oak flavor, age flavor, or dyes are used.

Authentic: Fermented, distilled, aged & bottled at Privateer in Massachusetts

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