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Privateer Seasonal Tiki Gin

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Not Rum but belongs here!!!

From Privateer:


We start with our molasses based spirit, made from scratch, which is then infused with herbs, freshly ground spices, and hand-zested citrus from the height of winter citrus season.

We steep these ingredients for two nights and one day to allow the intense aromas of the herbs to infuse without over-extracting undesirable bitter flavors. We then redistill this spirit for a third time, marrying our cane spirit’s character with the classic aromas and flavors of gin. We ripen the gin for 3 months in a stainless steel tank to allow further flavor development.

Our ingredients are sourced from the finest purveyors to ensure fresh and oil rich spices of the highest quality, and to avoid the stale aromas often associated with gin. All of the citrus is freshly zested to avoid harsh pith, or the loss of the aromatic oils. We only distill our gin once a year, right around the New Year when citrus is at its

Our gin is bottled unfiltered adding rich texture and depth to cocktails.

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